Gig’s Up: Life After College

So… My bubble has finally burst.

What bubble, you ask?

Why, the bubble that’s protected me while growing up all these years of course.  That is, until now.
When I graduated high school, I was 18.  I was technically an adult.
But back then, I was filled with awe and curiosity while figuring out life as a big, bad adult. Hah.

Then I moved off to UMass, where I gradually realized I was hardly an adult.
Sure, I grew a little more independent, got a little more responsible. But realistically, I was still a kid inside that bubble.
My parents were a comfy cushion to fall back on.  If I wanted to come home on the weekends, I could.  If I needed money after spending a little too much, they would (sometimes) fork it over. Whoops!

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, I was leaving college for the very last time and heading back home. Finished. Graduated.

Now I’m 22, and nursing school is a thing of the past. The gig’s up–It’s time for me to grow up.
Armed with a BSN, I’m cruising into the real world. Full speed ahead.
Holy shit.

For humorous commentary, practical insight and candid experiences, I urge you to come join me as this new chapter in my life unfolds

Wish me luck!   This should be interesting…

Which one will I press? Hmm