In a While Crocodile: Nurses Banned from Wearing Crocs

Crocs are one of those things you either love & swear by, or absolutely despise.  Over 1.6 million facebookers have proclaimed their hatred by joining the group I Don’t Care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like a Dumb Ass.  After witnessing a fashion nightmare unfold, I became one of its members.

Nurses in the U.S., Canada, & most recently, the UK, are saying See Ya Later Alligator to those rubber clogs they’ve come to know & love.  And they’re not happy about it.  In fact, according to The Huffington Post, British nurses are outraged.

Crocs were initially marketed towards spa-goers, but the foot-friendly clogs quickly became a hot item for nurses too.  They’re even certified by the U.S. Ergonomics for their efficient, safe use.

Nurses might think the ban is a load of “Croc.”  However, health and safety officials around the world have begun to caution healthcare workers against wearing the popular shoe for problems more significant than just a fashion faux-pas.

What’s so special about Crocs anyway?

The Pros:

"Crocs are engineered to care for the caring profession." - Croc, Inc.


  • 20+ colors to chose from
  • Jibbitz & Jewels to jazz them up with
  • Easy to clean off bodily fluids & other cringe-worthy things
  • Swiss Cheese design to make your feet light & airy – Just like being barefoot on a breezy beach

The Problem

Turns out those characteristic holes in the Crocs pose a huge risk for injury & infection.
Sure, the air coming in can make your feet feel great while you’re wearing them, but a lot of
other things can get in through those holes as well.
Pick your poison:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Vomit
  • Snots
  • Needles

You wouldn’t want anything like that seeping in to your twinkle toes now would you?

According to the Toronto Star, Canadian safety managers are also concerned with nurses’ Crocs popping off, jeopardizing the safety of patients during transfers.

In Sweden, they’re even are blaming Crocs for equipment malfunctions from static electricity.
Maybe… But that kind of seems like a stretch to me.

The Solution

Whenever there’s a problem there’s a solution, right?  Especially when it comes to nursing.  So what did Croc, Inc. do to fix it?  They filled the holes of course!

  The new CrocRx model, designed specifically for healthcare workers can be found on the American Nurses’
Association website with 25% for members.
According to the ANA:

  Work never felt so good.

Healthcare professionals who already own a pair of the originals might have to surrender their Jibbitz and get a pair of the No-Hole version.  Sorry guys.

Fortunately, I won’t be worrying about that. I can proudly say that I have never, nor will ever own a pair of Crocs.  I just can’t wrap my head around the appeal of wearing that quirky, flamboyant footwear.

But to each his own.