The List of a Lifetime

I might only be 22, but Alas!  It is never too early to have a Bucket List.

Here you have it folks – the official list of things I must do before ultimately “Kicking the Bucket.”

  1. Publish a Book
  2. Meet Zach Braff       6/28/2011
  3. Take a Road Trip
  4. Ride in an Ambulance… as a non-patient
  5. Get a Tattoo      9/7/2011
  6. Go to California
  7. Jump off a Rope Swing      7/23/2011
  8. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  9. Master starting IVs
  10. Ride Bitch on a Motorcycle      8/12/2011
  11. Get my Girl Scout Gold Award      5/5/2007
  12. Be a Girl Scout Leader
  13. Run (and walk) a 5K race
  14. Become Varsity Volleyball Captain      9/2006
  15. Go to College…      8/31/2011
  16. And Graduate!   5/14/2011
  17. Go to Australia
  18. Pass the NCLEX  10/20/2011
  19. Sleep under the stars
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Own a White BMW
  22. Go to Montreal
  23. Drive in a European country
  24. Visit my realitves in Poland
Note: Bucket list is subject to frequent editing & updating 🙂