The Marathon of Marthons: One Father’s Run-In with Single-Parenthood

When Terry Hitchcock lost his wife Sue to breast cancer in 1996, he was forced to become a single-dad.
Overcome by grief, he did what many would do in his shoes.  He took a lifelong passion [running] and used it as distraction to cope with her death.

And while lacing up the running sneaks to destress is by no means uncommon, Hitchcock went above & beyond what most of us could even dream of doing. Over 75 consecutive days, the father of three ran 75 marathons, & averaged 31 miles per day, traveling from Minneapolis to

Atlanta…by foot.

Racing Toward Resolve: From Minneapolis to Atlanta
Putting it into perspective:


Driving a car from Minneapolis to Atlanta would take +18 hours…

At least this Roadrunner didn’t
have to worry about traffic on his trail…   

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Single Parents in the U.S.

The public’s perception of “single parents” usually implies single moms.   And according to the U.S. Census Bureau 84% of the 13.7 million single-parent households  are indeed, women.  The imbalance is evident.  So it would seem only natural that the image would sway toward struggling moms.

Perhaps its was the shock of being thrusted into a minority as a single-dad that compelled Hitchcock to embark on the 1128.70 mile marathon.

In an interview with David Moye of HuffPost, Hitchcock discussed what inspired him along the way.

I really wanted to raise awareness for the plight of single-parent families.
I felt I had to get out and tell the world about what they go through…
Impossible is just a word.

As if  Hitchcock’s adventure wasn’t already unthinkable for the average American,  his job wasn’t finished just yet.
Fueled by the public’s misperception, Terry Hitchcock traveled more than 2,000 miles,
raising awareness to the emotional hardships & financial burdens that are often tragic for the children facing this reality.

Tim VandeSteeg eventually caught wind of Hitchcock’s seemingly outrageous trek.
But as an award-winning filmmaker, VandeSteed immediately sensed its production potential.

After 7 years in the making, Billy Bob Thorton is telling the story of Terry Hitchcock & his Odessy through Fatherhood in My Run.
The DVD hits shelves tomorrow.

Watch the Movie Trailer for My Run:

Be Somebody’s Hero. ~ Terry Hitchcock

$1 from every DVD purchased will benefit Livestrong.