Laughs from the Log for 9/23


Friday 9/16

4pm Church & Walnut St. A few youths misbehaving at Central Park
Those punks piss me off all the time! Haaahaaa

Saturday 9/17

10:45am Woodlawn & Fitch Rd. Police received 3 complaints because recycling center is not open
Uh oh, somebody’s slackin’

12:15pm Forest St. Drunk male staggering in street
By noon? Really? Come on… So I wonder if her had a ridiculously early start, or if his drunkenness was just continued from Friday night…

1:35pm Rt. 110; Man exposing himself in the area of the fields
What a perv! Broad daylight right on the school grounds.  At least it was the weekend…?

Sunday 9/18

9:19pm Daughter took vehicle without permission
My parents always threatened to call the cops if I snuck the keys to our truck. Fortunately they never followed through.  Sucks to be this girl.

Monday 9/19

5:29pm Rigby Rd. Animal complaint; lots of cats in a cage
Damn hoarders!

Tuesday 9/20

8:59am Acre St. Truancy
I always thought this was just one of those lies parents told kids when they try to play hookie. Never thought it was a legit crime.
I wonder if it was the parents or the school that made that call…

And incase you were wondering:

What is Truancy?
The intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling
What is a Truant?

A student who stays home from school without permission; a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty
What’s the Punnishment?
Fines range from $250 to $5000, & in some cities, teenagers on the street can be handcuffed!

Read more about Truancy!


Monday 9/12

5:44pm Jewett Rd.  Off duty Mass state police noticed young girl crying in the woods line; she had a fight with her parents and went for a walk
Sounds like something I would have pulled.

Tuesday 9/13

4:17pm School St. Someone hit callers car & took off; car was found to be scuffed & illegally parked
Well, that was kind of brainless not to move the car before the cops arrived.  MAYBE there’s a reason why it’s illegal to park in that spot? Just a thought.

7:39pm Beamen Rd. Loud bulldozer on neighbors property
Damn those hardworking farmers!  Who do they think they are, trying to make a living?!

Thursday 9/15

5:37pm Boutelle Rd. 3 youths behind elementary school using foul language & yelling racial epithets at citizens; they were all escorted off the property
Delinquents. I wonder where they learned it.

A word, phrase, or expression used invectively as a term of abuse or contempt, to express hostility, etc.

6:59pm John Dee Rd. Person pounding on door, then apologizing that his GPS must be wrong, was looking for a different number; it appears to be legitimate
Hahaha. This is one of my greatest fears. How embarrassing.

Friday 9/16

5pm Justice Hill Cutoff; Comcast has caller on the line who says she’s being help captive, same issue in the past; all set
Umm, does this happen frequently? Sound like a case of ‘The Little Boy who Cried Wolf.’

8:41pm Kitchener Rd. Person slumped over in the bushes, the male had pulled over because he had a couple of beers and didn’t feel he was able to drive to Worcester. The man was picked up by a cab; he will pick up his keys tomorrow
Sound like he had more than just a couple of beers. I don’t think he was able to be driving at all, let alone Worcester

Lancaster /

Wednesday 9/14

5:19pm Langen Rd.  Goat in her chicken pen, dog officer called
I think the chicken officer may have been more appropriate.

Saturday 9/17

9:26am Neck Rd.  Caller lost some of her chickens, requested call from dog officer
Shit! Guess there wasn’t any eggs for breakfast that morning.  Seriously, Lancaster needs to look into hiring a Chicken Officer.