74 Kids & Counting: Sperm Donation

So The Style Network recently aired its new documentary: ‘Sperm Donor‘.

I just happened to catch an episode and became instantly fascinated with what its all about. Whats even cooler is Ben (the featured donor) is from Marlborough, MA… just 10 minutes away from Clinton (my hometown!)

Sperm donation is one of those uncharted, unregulated, but emotional topics that tends to be underdiscussed.  This documents the experiences of both the donor and offspring first hand in a cross-country exploration as they meet face-to-face.

The Donor Sibling Registry is redefining what a family can be be enabling the search & connection of these biological families.qu

And there’s a twist.  Ben’s getting married.

So my question for you is this:

How would you feel if your fiance had donated sperm/eggs and was the biological parent to so many children?



Watch this Clip: