Newbie Novice Nurse

Finally! I’ve started working as an RN.


After two wonderful years of hard, strenuous, but interesting work as a CNA on the Geri-Psych floor, I’ve finally been ‘promoted.’  And it feels damn good.

Even though today was only Day #2 of my 9-week long orientation, I think it’s safe to say my adjustment is off to a Fab start.   Since it’s a small community hospital, I’ve already known all the staff for quite some time now.  I’ll admit that at first, I was afraid they would have difficulty seeing me as an RN instead of the CNA I started out as, but so far so good.  And although my very first nursing job is bound to be stressful, my nerves & anxiety are definitely catching a break, not having to look like the lost, clueless, timid newbie.

Now that I’ve started as an RN, a whole new world of curiosity has opened up inside those hospital walls.  My days are consumed with trying to absorb everything happening around me, while questions swirl around my head. 

What are the most common Med-Surg. Meds? What are the important tidbits to know about them? What about the Psych meds? Especially on Geri-Psych.  I wonder what the most common admitting diagnoses here are. Seriously? The census dropped from 15 to 2 in just a week?  God I hope I can remember all these fun facts (aka policies & competencies) they’re throwing at me.

Is my brain really supposed to absorb and retain all this?!

And that’s why they call me a novice. For now.