Shopping Spree of a Lifetime

Thursday was payday.  But this wasn’t just any old payday.  This was the day I had been lusting for.  I fantasized about getting my first check as an RN,  but I just couldn’t conceive the reality of it, that it would actually come. 

I’ve always proudly said when I got that first RN paycheck, I had full intentions of blowing it on a shopping spree.  I justified this with my parents. “Just the first one, just to get it out of my system.” And also out of my bank account…

After years of working my ass off for diddlysquat, through high sshoppingchool and college, my hard work finally paid off.  I wouldn’t have to compulsively check my balance to see how f*cking low it was.  I wouldn’t have to hold my breath and wonder if my card would be declined.  My paycheck was more than double what it had been as a CNA. 

So yesterday, I made that shopping spree happen. 

When you combine the holiday spirit with the giddiness of feeling RICH, it’s dangerously surreal.  I shopped from 11am to 9pm, and loved every second of it.  I went all over the place, bought all sorts of things.  And the best part was I had NO buyers remorse. Cha-Ching.

So I think my coolest purchase of that day was my brand-spankin new hot pink stethoscope.  Aww yeah!

pink steth