Something Borrowed

somethingborrowedI know, I know.  I’m a little slow when it comes to watching the latest blockbusters.  But I finally got around to renting Something Borrowed from Redbox.  Me and my Gal Pals popped open the vino, munched on some Sun Chips, and got watching.

I pretty much started drooling immediately.  And it wasn’t from the wine or chips.  When I read the book, my imagination did NOT do his character justice. 

ginnifer colin

Who on Earth is that Handsome, Heavenly Hunk?

In unison Brianna & I asked, “What is His name?”

Whoa Ladies.  Don’t all pounce at once.” ~ Bridget

I’ll admit, I was incredibly jealous of Ginnifer Goodwin for all the smooching she did with him, but since she’s been one of my favorite actresses, I’ll let it slide.. Winking smilecolin egglesfield

So the question still stood unanswered.
Who was this studly manmuffin? 

Colin Egglesfield.  That’s who.
Hellooooo Mr. Gorgeous.