Why Nursing School Sucked

Nursing School…

  1. …Controls your life 7 days a week.  
  2. …Makes you forget how to relax.
  3. …Never leaves you with “nothing to do.” 
  4. …Makes you anxious, nervous, and on edge…All the time. 
  5. …Sucks every last drop of energy out of you.
  6. …Robs you of the social life that once existed.
  7. …Wastes a shitload of paper with their 20+ page care plans.
  8. …Exposes you to some of the harshest ‘constructed’ criticism you’ll face.
  9. …Stomps your confidence down until it barely exists.
  10. …Leaves zero time for hobbies you once enjoyed.
  11. …Forces theatrically-challenged students to act with fake plastic people.
  12. …Makes you question whether or not nursing was the choice for you.
  13. …Triggers nervous breakdowns.
  14. …Makes you pathetically cry, waterworks and all.
  15. …Makes you think you’re going to fail out about every other week.
  16. … Makes you bankrupt from all of the books and equipment that AREN’T included in the tuition.

freaked out_thumb

Needless to say, I’m glad that chapter’s over with.

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