I’m a Versatile Blogger Award Winner!

Muchas Gracias to FabulousRN, for nominating me for this award. Her talent for writing is absolutely admirable, and it shocks me how she writes what seems to have come straight from my own swirling thoughts.  If anyone can write about “A Day in the Life of a Nurse” its this chica.  She’s the shit and deserves major props for making me burst out laughing again & again all the time. 

A BIG Round-of-Applause For…
Ms. Fab-U-Lous RN!


Everyone likes the occasional ego boost to give a bit of a temporary high.  As a Versatile Award Winner, several duties must be fulfilled before making the nomination official.


  • Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this award along to 10 blogs you enjoy reading.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

7 Things About Me: 

  1. I have 3 cats. Daisy is 18, Maisy is 17, and Pheobe is 7. 
  2. I have 1  tattoo on my foot & 7 piercings. The most recent is my conch.
  3. I watch Dr. Phil religiously, and have his show on Auto-Record everyday.
  4. I absolutely adore Zach Braff.  He’s such a Hunk.
  5. I have a hot pink stethoscope to match my hot pink glasses… Among other pink things. 
  6. I am naturally naturally neurotic, somewhat of a scatterbrain, and live a life full of organized clutter.
  7. I was hospitalized for Anorexia Nervosa when I was 19, & have been battling and overcoming my ED ever since.

Versatile Bloggers Nominations:

1. The Nerdy Nurse –This gal is not afraid to hide the inner Nerd that’s in every nurse.  She rants and raves and makes me giggle. She’s a techy nurse that knows her shit. And so I’m happy to “too her horn” and sing her praises. 😀


2. Nurse Ratched’s Place: ‘Normal’ is boring, and Mother Jones knows that “Sanity is madness madness put to good use.” She’s definitely has more of a clue than the infamous Nurse Ratched who treated Jack Nicholson.   Check out the latest chatter over in her “Cuckoo’s Nest.”


3. FabulousRN: Need I say more?  This chick is awesome and tells it like it  is.  If anyone can make you laugh about the not-so-fun things that come along with being a nurse, its her.

I almost laughed my booty right off after reading her post: A Hole In One.
If you’ve ever wanted to win big & strike Gold, this is it straight up.
But it can be a little tricky…


4. KimxRN — Kim is the blogger with no limits.  She’s inspiring, cheerful, & appreciates living and learning things every day.  Oh, and she’s a cat lover just like me!


Ode to Odis 🙂

5. ED Bites: Carrie Arnold is a science writer, bookworm, and self-proclaimed geek.  She’s been overcoming her battle with Anorexia for 10+ years.  Having been hospitalized myself w/ Anorexia & Bulimia back in ‘08. Her writings hit a soft spot are incredibly motivating.


6. RealityRN: “New Nurses Having New Conversation.”  A community of nurse bloggers full of jokes, info, & stories.  Join the club and start offering up whatchu got!


7. Recycling At Its Cutest: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Devona is a craftoholic who loves browsing Thrift Stores for things to revive, remake, and bring them back to life.  Check out her blog to see her latest creations & inspire you’re inner creativity.


8. SickerThings: Hussy is an ICU nurse that ‘Can’t Keep her Filthy Mouth Shut!  I Love it. She’s got cojones, & I’ll admit that I’m a little jealous.

9. Code Blog: Gina is an RN who writes about what goes on in her ICU. She likes learning & writing about others’ experiences, and is currently looking for stories from nurses working in unusual fields.  Check out her blog, submit your stories, & maybe she’ll feature it! 

10. Just A Nurse: Last, but definitely not least is Suzanne Gordon.  During my final semester @ UMass Amherst, I actually had the pleasure of meeting & speaking with this award winning, NYT author.  I asked her what provoked her to become to fascinated with our profession.  As a patient, she experienced nurses devotion first-hand.  After hearing a multiple occasions “I’m Just the Nurse,” while understanding the intensity of their duties, Gordon was intent on learning more.  Since then, she has set out on a mission to teach the public about who nurses really are.  She’s  interviewed nurse after nurse, and her career as a healthcare commentator has flourished. Check out her blog to find out what she’s up to.  And if you want to splurge, buy her book!  It’s better than Chicken Soup :). She is what I aspire to be. 



So pull up your big girl panties And get writing. Kthx!