My New Suede Shoes

This year, Santa Claus brought exactly what I wanted.  After 2 years of wearing crappy sneakers to work, and coming home with my dogs-a-barkin’ theseimage Danskos arrived under my Christmas Tree on December 25.  Ok, ok. So they’re not actually suede, but I’m absolutely freakin’ psyched.

On day #2 of wearing them to work, one of my patients made me love my shoes even more.

It was just after 9pm when my admission came up to the floor.  He was in his 80s with a history of dementia.  While he struggled to answer the slew of admission questions we have to ask.  Through a confusion, he looked down.
His eyes bugged out, opened wide as he suddenly burst out:

Whoa! Are those some new shoes ya got there?! Those things are shiny! 

“Why yes they are!”  I proudly told him.

For the rest of the night, I skipped the unit sporting my new “suede” shoes with a smile from ear to ear .