Do You Have a Balanced Lifestyle?

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Are You Balanced?

My Results:

But everyone needs a break — even from things they’re great at. You might even find some alone time energizing. Do people ever call you a people person? Well they’re right. Family and friends seem to be your number one priority. While :some people need a bubble bath to relax, others prefer an hour at the gym, but your quickest and easiest way to rejuvenate is to surround yourself with those who love you.Spillwayfriends
You know that meeting friends for dinner during the week or setting aside extra time to visit with family can really recharge your batteries and make you feel balanced. Just don’t forget how healing regular periods of solitude — walks in the park, a little extra effort at work, great books — can be, too.

A Couple Comments:

  • ‘Alone time can be energizing.’
    You bet your ass it can be. I preach this.
    *Note: Do not be mislead to think I am a loner.
  • ‘I am a people person.’
    Wow, a NURSE!? You caught me Red handed.
  • ‘Some people need bubble baths.’
    Who the HELL has time for those?? Plus, the water always gets cold fast.
    Hot tub is more like it.
  • ‘Surround yourself with those you love.’
    [See picture above] Need I say more?
  • ‘Walks in the Park’
    I spent my summer in Clinton’s Central Park [surrounded by skateboard punks –_-] studying for hours upon days for NCLEX. Roald_Dahls_Matilda
    Change of scenery = Key
  • Great Books’
    I hoard books, and
    I’m damn proud of the collection I have.
    I’ve read about 35% [so far.]
    …There’s a reason why my friends nicknamed me