20 Resolutions for 2012’s 20 Year Olds

A friend of mine was kind enough to send this my way.
Best thing about these resolutions? Theyre realistic and entirely doable, even for the average Joe Schmoe.

1. Before you update your FB status or Tweet, take a moment to and ask yourself

“is it entirely necessary that I share this impulsive thought with the wide world of webosphere?”

Unless the answer is: “Yes, I absolutely must,” then STEP AWAY from the computer.

2. Know which candidate you’re going to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. More importantly, know why.

3. Boycott the 14-day juice cleanses. If you want to lose a little weight, eat healthy, give up the crap, and exercise. I know, i sound crazy. like crazy.

4. If you actually like the person you’re hooking up with and want them to become your bf/gf, tell them you pussy, and hope for the best.

5. Sabe&Spend $300 on a flight to get the hell out of town & see a friend/family member who lives far away.

6. Please stop eatching the Jersey Shore. It’s not helping anyone, and it’s especially not helping them.

7. Spend less than or equal to the money you earn each month. (Remember that word ‘savings?’)

8. Wear clothes that fit you. Spare us the muffin top and/or tramp stamp.

9. Call someone on the phone and pretend texting doesnt exsist once a week. Just for 5-10 minutes, that’s all. and speak to him or her for at least ten minutes.

10. Prepare yourself NOW for the fact that Facebook is probably going to change again in six months. You’re not going to deactivate your account. You don’t know how. Skip the complaining. Save your energy (and your breath) for something else.

11. If you cant remember something, revert to the old fashioned way. Wait 30 seconds before looking it up and let the rusty wheels in your brain crank.

12. Tackle a bad habit. EVERYONE has them.

13. Try ‘that food’ you say you hate but have truthfully never tried, unless it’s anchovies. That warrants a mercy pass.

14. Cut one person out of your life that you force yourself to socially tolerate and replace them with someone you actually like.
Note: not on Facebook, on Earth.

15. If you’re still blacking out regularly like a belligerent Dude Bro, stop. Spare society of your embarrassment

16. Volunteer. Choose somewhere/something you might like. You’ll feel good about it, I promise. Hell, you might even do it again!

17. Tell someone you love that you love them on more often (To their face). They’ll appreciate it.

18. Back up your entire online life onto an external hard drive, especially your photos. Shit happens when you least expect it.

19. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. It doesn’t have to be far.

20. Most Importantly: Spoil yourself once a week. Indulge in that guilty pleasure.
Caution: Don’t overdue it. That’s called gluttony.

¡Buena Suerte!

adapted from: Thoughcatalog.com