Pardon Moi: Nursing Brain Farts


Flashback to a time when you were in school. 

You’re sitting in class, trying to pay attention to the teacher,
trying to scribble down the info that they’re yapping off,
as your neck weakens & head falls heavy with boredom.

Then.  You glance down at your notes.
To your horror, mixed in with  notes from the lecture,
are random bits and pieces of your daydreams that you transcribed without realizing.  You’ve even managed to invent some new letters & symbols beyond the basic A-Z alphabet. Impressive.


What the…?
What the hell was I trying to write?

While nurses aren’t necessarily falling asleep on the job, like school children, they still have those occasional Brain Fart. 
Somewhere along the line, neurons occasionally misfire
from Brain-2-Hand.  The result?  These hilarious notes.

Hot Off the Press:
Nursing Bloopers

Here are some of my favorites from
Scrubs Mag: ‘Nurses’ Funny Chart Bloopers’

Boop Oops

Courtesy of: Miss Betty Bloop

  • “Pt alive but hope to remedy situation by AM.”

  • “Alert and organized x3”

  • “Patient is confident of bowel and bladder.”

  • “The wound site has a pussy drainage.”

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