Laughs from the Log: Week 1

Quick! What’s the Number to 9-1-1?

Town Drunks

12/29 10:37p: Man intoxicated in the driveway

12/31 3:04p: Possible intoxicated driver

1/01: 3:53a: Woman yelling and swearing at gazebo

—– 9:09p: Man passed out in the hall

10:19p: Intoxicated patient causing problems.

1/02 2:37a: Out of control man trashed apartment.

—– 5:26p: intoxicated person causing a disturbance

—– 10:14p: Possible drug activity

Jan. 4, 10:29p: Assist w/ disorderly patient at the hospital.

Note! I was on this shift assisting with this particular patient. By the time the Boys in Blue showed up, the patient had tossed the boot for his fractured ankle and was gearing up with his crutch about to hobble out the door AMA. 

Times Are Tough

12/28 1:13p: “Appears to be homeless” man walking down the street dragging cans and bottles; person was collecting cans.

Animal Farm

12/28 11:05a:  3 horses loose in callers yard

12/29 7:53a:  Hunters may be trying to draw out deer from the quarry without permission; will call again if they return

12/31 11:45a:  Hunters are on property, they were looking for a deer that had been shot and have permission to do so.

1/01 3:43pGeese are in the road and there’s a woman trying to block them from crossing.  She was the owner.  They have been rounded up and are safe.

1/03 5:15p:  Coyote spotted; taken care of by a bystander

Little Rascals!

Monday, December 26, 2011 12:49p: Young children giggling on emergency line. Spoke with father who was unaware of activity. Children were playing with the phone and they were spoken to.