Modern Medicine’s Most Common Mistake

Nursing school is notorious for its competitive enrollment complex curriculum.  That’s because professors are relentlessly cramming an endless flood of knowledge into students until their brains can bear no more.  Of course, everything is important.  And many will memorize every factoid for the dreaded Test Day.image
Truth be told,  a good chunk of that info will dissipate into the black hole of brain matter the second they put the #2 pencil down. 
But there’s one thing that all nursing students remember:

You best better not make a

Med-Error Biatch.

Or else your ass is grass.

When Diane Sawyer asked whoever was watching ABC World News if they knew what the #1 mistake was, I already knew what the answer was.

What I didn’t know was that 1/3 of patients wind up with hospital-related injuries.  According to the new report issued by the U .S Dept. of Health, 44% of hospital errors are preventable.  But a whopping 80% are unreported. 

We’re always going to make mistakes.
What we need to do is reduce harm.

Dr. Peter Provonost           

Valid point.  We nurses and doctors are humans too.  We’re just as prone to making mistakes as any one else.  Naturally, people don’t want to own up when they screw up.  Especially when their jobs and licenses are at stake.  But that’s no excuse. 

What Would Flo’ Do?


When in doubt, ask yourself WWFD?
Florence Nightingale’s vision for nursing hit the nail on the head two centuries ago. 
Her drive to improve the despicable conditions of hospitals is what eventually dubbed her as The Mother of Nursing.

It may seem a strange principle to enunciate
as the very 1st requirement
in a Hospital
that it should
do the sick no harm.

– Florence Nightingale

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