Adios Papel: A New Day for Documenting

Today is a day to go down in Clintonian Town History.  On this 18th day of January in 2012, a momentous transition has finally begun atop Greeley Hill.


In the months leading up to today, management at Clinton Hospital bore a striking resemblance to a high school track team, hurdling over the obstacles faced while trying to launch the new electronic medical record system. 

imageTogether, we trudged toward a finish line that didn’t seem to exist.  Days were dedicated to training courses.  Our inboxes were flooded with emails of pep talk.  Months were spent in suspense, nervously waiting to “Soar With Sorian.”   But in the end, we managed to surpass a Never Ending Series of Unfortunate Events. 

At 7am, the hospital finally “went live.”  It was Hasta La Vista to the mountains of papers and Helloooo to a technological revolution.  Of course there are wrinkles to iron out before its smooth sailing; But what would anything electronic be without a glitch or two? 


Although many dreaded having to give up the traditional handwritten charting, the truth is, it’s old-school and borderlines on ancient & outdated.  Pretty soon, handwritten charts will become extinct. 

As someone who fancies the ease of using computers, I’ve been eager to finally chart electronically, and I’m thrilled it’s finally launched.