Childhood Board Games: Flashback

Once upon a time before video games were everywhere, children loved playing board games when they weren’t busy frolicking outside.  Today, many of those children have grown up, but those classic games still hold a special place inside our adult hearts; a flame that ignites the inner-child within us.
According to Divine Caroline, they hold an even deeper meaning.

“They are windows into our truest selves—our fears, our aspirations, and our penchants for exotic animals and dried fruit.“

Divine Caroline

Growing up, I was definitely that kid who L-O-V-E-D board games.  Although I was keen to play just about any game, there was one particular game that I would still drop everything in my hectic schedule to play.  I wonder what it says about me…

Candy_Land6 Did you get it right?
Right from the get-go, my parents learned just how game-obsessed I could be the night my dad brought Candy-Land home.
The roar of an engine grew louder until my dad’s red R.E.Chapman truck pulled in the driveway.   I scurried through the kitchen toward my one & only ‘hiding’ spot: the basement staircase.  Up on my tippy toes, I was barely able peak over the window sill and see heading inside, lunch box in hand, after a long day’s work on the job.
I tried to muffle my giggles but failed miserably while I waited in position.   As soon as the doorknob jiggled, I squealed towards him like a leap frog.


And then I saw it.

He wasn’t just holding his lunchbox.   There was something elseA new game?!  My Pops had spontaneously decided to surprise me with the age-old Candy-Land. 

At 31/2  years old, I had never heard of such fabulousness.  Itching to learn how to play, I ripped the box open on the kitchen floor.

Red & Green, Blue & Purple, Orange & Pink!

The room lit up with a rainbow of color.  I fumbled with pieces and directions I could not read in a frenzy to play.  For the rest of the night I was enchanted by the Candy Cane Forrest in a kingdom full of candylicious comrades.   Little did my parents know what they were in for.

Gloppy quickly became my fave.  Sure, this Molasses
Monster will send a player slipping from the summit. 
But revisiting Gloppy bought more time on Gumdrop 
Mountain.  Blinded by delight, I never caught sight of
my parents dragging their feet, slower and slower
each time victory escaped.

Five games and 3 hours later, I was forced to stay atop the mountain with King Kandy & Queen Frostine when my parents called it quits and forced me to bed.   They were sick of trading off for the sake of my entertainment.  As a toddler, I didn’t stand much of a chance in the argument to stay up & keep playing.  It was already a whole hour past my bedtime.

The Jellybean Butt-Plug

The only other time I’d gotten that lucky was in April several months earlier.  On Easter Sunday, I had eaten a few too many jellybeans from my Easter basket—How Ironic.  But in the days following, they became an impassable plug somewhere amidst my intestines.

Frustration eventually got the best of me & my fanny, and I succumbed to my worst nightmare.  After allowing me mother to shove a suppository up my ass, she sympathized enough to let me stay up until her 9:30 bedtime.  I won’t lie, I felt like a 3-year old BAMF.
And yes. I did finally shit, and it had to have been at least half my size.

Divine Caroline