A McDonald’s Golden Moment

Me: Can I have a medium iced latte with skim milk please?

Cashier: Do you want sugar in it?

Me: Is it sweetened already?

Cashier:  Well if you put sugar in it it’ll be sweet.

This is how my morning started, shortly after leaving work and venturing out for a cup-o-joe.  I decided to switch up my routine by getting Newman’s Own instead of Dunkin Donuts

No sooner did she finish her sentenced, I was laughing into the speaker.  And I’m not even sure what I was laughing at more: how genuinely she elaborated upon the simple fact that sugar makes coffee sweeter;, or that she thought I was dumb enough NOT to know that. 

Sugar…in Coffee? Makes it sweeter?!

No Shit Sherlock.

I know I hadn’t had my coffee yet, but come on! At least give me some credit! Hahaha.