“Where the Hell is Scooby Doo? CIA Operative”


It’s not often that my hometown Clinton makes it onto the news… but today we did.


You can imagine my dismay when I opened up my ‘Boston 7 News’ app and saw my small hometown as thee top story. Naturally, I went into an internet search-engine frenzy to investigate, and found stories published on all the popular sources. 

Incase you haven’t heard… there’s been a recent slew of letters sent to seemingly randomized schools across the U.S. containing a mysterious, and so far benign white powder.  Similar incidents have been reported in Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Texas, and other Massachusetts communities. All letters have been post-marked from Texas.   The most recent letter arrived today right here in Clinton.



Shortly after arriving at Clinton Elementary, Principal Geri Sargent was sorting through the mail when one letter caught her eye.  She began to open a glued-shut envelope post-marked from Arlington, Texas, which had a woman’s name elegantly written as the return address.  According to Wicked Local, the first line, printed in fancy font stated:

Where the Hell is Scooby Doo? CIA Operative


What is this supposed to even mean?

Police and fire officials were immediately called in, as well as the state’s Hazmat Emergency Response division. Although initial analysis determined the substance was nonhazardous, it was sent to the state’s lab for further analysis.


The school day at Clinton Elementary School was never interrupted.”


But aside from the main office being sealed off, business as usual carried on for teachers & students at Clinton Elementary.  From what I am told, parents weren’t alerted until around noon time.  Fearing for their children’s safety, many concerned parents picked up their kids early upon hearing the news.  But by that time, 4 hours had passed.   Although the scare has been deemed simply that, the question lingers…

What If?

What if it had been more than just a scare? 
What if the white powder had actually been anthrax, Inhalation anthrax?  Was the ventilation system turned off? 
What if we were trying to cope with the tragic consequences that could that could have resulted after those crucial four hours? 
Instead of marveling in awe at the news crews swarming downtown? 
Sure, we now know in retrospect that these consequences are merely hypothetical. But what if? 

Bioterrorism or not, the horrifying significance behind these serial pranks still stand.  Whoever the sick & twisted mastermind(s) behind these attacks is,  they have chosen to target the most innocent of community members: elementary school students.   ‘Just’ the scare has been enough to churn our stomachs, and disrupt our day-to-day lives. 

Today, Clinton became only the most recent community to be targeted. Hopefully, but doubtfully it will be the last.  The link between the receiving towns thus far remains unknown. 

Led by the FBI, the investigation continues.  Be sure to check back for updates as the pieces unfold.