Hahaha I think all of us bloggers have been guilty of ‘blogstituting’ before 😉

Things I Think I Thunk, pt. l



1) A person who sells their soul, among other things, for a successful blog.  Can be seen strolling the parking lots on Interstate highways, looking for truckers to blog with.

2)  A blogger who substitutes the minimal amount of information / ramblings in order to appease the editors. However, their followers soon figure out what is happening and eventually leave in droves.

3)  A song by iconic rock and roll group “The Blogging Who”, “Blogstitute” (“Substitute me for him,  Substitute my coke for gin,  Substitute you for my mum,  At least I’ll get my washing done.”)

*note:  Today’s post was brought to you by me!

*note;  if you have any suggestions for a fake, blogging-related word or acronym that you like, despise or use, please leave it as a comment, along with a short definition and the phonetics. Your suggestions will be an upcoming daily feature!

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