April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Time is Now


Sexual violence thrives in silence,
so let’s start talking.
This April is time to feel safe & respected—
All the time.

Body image…
Let’s break that silence
And talk about it all.

Join me in the effort to raise public awareness,
Spread the word about healthy sexuality,
Promote knowledge & respect,
And prevent sexual violence.

There’s nothing more important than how we feel about ourselves.

2012 Campaign: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Tweet on Tuesdays

tweettweetIn honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month [SAAM], folks will be chatting live about healthy sexuality + more every Tuesday this month.
Join in the conversations hosted by experts with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center for 1 hr. starting @ 2pm EST each week:

@NSVRC  #TweetAboutIt



  • April 10
    Healthy Sexuality & Gender Norms
    Hosted by Michael Munson–@tgwarrior
    Advocate for the rights & lives of transgender individuals
    Executive director of FORGE


  • April 17
    Healthy Sexuality in Later Life
    Hosted by Alison Bellavance–@AliBellavance
    Professional Sexuality Educator, Feminist, & Former Rocker



  • April 24
    Healthy Sexuality, Consent & the Purity Myth
    Hosted by Jessica Valenti—@JessicaValenti
    Founder of Feministing.com, Feminist writer & author of The Purity Myth.



I’m Taking the Pledge

hear my voice

I, Alyssa Kirby, promise to engage in relationships that value respect, equality, trust and honesty, for both myself and my partners.  I will value my partner’s boundaries online & behind closed doors.
I will never engage in any form of abuse –
physical, emotional, sexual, financial or digital.

If one of my friends experiences abuse, I pledge to help them by speaking up & saying something,
modeling healthy communication, & connecting them with the necessary resources.

I pledge to remember, demonstrate & promote the fact that love is respect.

Take the Dating Pledge

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