Earth Day 2012 is Here!

Happy Birthday Mother Nature!

Earth Day 2012

Earth Day celebrations are occurring all around the world, for today marks the 42nd annual Earth Day.  All joking aside, today is an opportunity for us all to appreciate, respect, and give back to this miraculous planet we live on. If you were still surfing for celebratory suggestions, look no further. But don’t waste too much time… Seize the day and get outside!

7 Simple Ways to Celebrate
Earth Day 2012

  1. Avoid using your car.
    Walk or take public transit. It might take longer,
    but changing up the routine is refreshing.

    rainbow earthy

  2. Skip the shower.
    You’ll conserve at least 50 gallons of water. So what if you stink a little? A little dirt don’t hurt.
  3. Plant a tree.
    And be sure to give a big Green Thumbs up when you finish!
  4. Enroll in paperless billing
    Save a tree by making the switch on your credit cards.
  5. Build a Compost Bin.
    Instead of tossing all of your food scraps into the trash, put them to good use! There’s plenty of nutrients left to salvage in them.
  6. Change Your Light Bulbs
    More$$$ for you and less to the electric company when you make the  switch to the energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.
  7. Support the Farm Trade.
    Instead of doing your grocery shopping at the usual chain, hit up a farmers market for the freshest fruits and veggies this week.
    I bet it’ll taste better too.

Own the Environment.
Make your commitment to
environmental protection
a top priority.

-U.S. EPA, 2012

4 Ways to Be an Eco-Activist!


1. Sign the Global Energy Petition
This petition demands the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency targets, universal renewable energy access, and an end to all fossil fuel subsidies.  The petition will be delivered to world leaders at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012.
Sign here.


2. Pledge Your ‘Act of Green’
Join the world’s largest environmental service movement.
Make your act one of the Billion Acts of Green®
Take the Pledge

3. Attend an Earthy Event
Earth Day celebrations are widespread and occurring all over the world.  Find out what’s happening near you.
Earth Day Event Guide ’12

4. Join a Campaign
Raise environmental awareness by engaging in campaign efforts to enlighten the public.  Listed below are just a few recommendations.

brett-r-carlson-recycled-art-flagAthletes & Arts
for the Earth

Campaign for Communities

Earth Day University

Earth Day K-12

Eco Faith

Reading for the Earth

Artwork by Brett Carlson