Normal Is boring. Insanity, be in our own or the chaos around us keeps life interesting to say the least. Cheers to May being Mental Health Month! #MentalHealthMonth

Edge Induced Cohesion

I always laugh a little when people tell me how sane I am. I don’t think it’s possible to be entirely sane in a world as insane and troubled as ours, as we are beings influenced by what is around us and much of that is not good. If we were entirely phlegmatic about such matters and completely untroubled, we would probably be judged as robots and not as good human beings at all. In some circumstances, such as protecting family and loved ones, craziness is not only accepted and tolerated but is positively demanded as a social duty.

It is not a simple and a straightforward manner to determine how we are crazy. The psychological community uses a diagnostic model that is rather large and cumbersome, called the DSM, which has changed over time due to political concerns, and there has been little understanding of the overall picture of…

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