Review: Dansko Medical Scrubs


Gone are the Days of Nurses in White

Though the white uniform is classic, its outdated and a tad on the boring side.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that the collection of scrubs in my wardrobe is extravagant, to say the least. Scrubs are just like underwear–you can never have enough. 

Funky, feisty, classic, or sleek; I’ve got something for moods of all kinds. The newest addition to my threads has been a black set by Dansko. I swear by my Dansko clogs, so when I heard of the company’s new line of healthcare apparel, I couldn’t resist the urge to try them.  And guess what!

I love them.


Professionalism + Comfort

Pairing comfort & professionalism is a tough task to do, but Dansko pulls it off quite well.

Naturally, when my scrubs arrived in the mail, the 1st thing I did was try them on & do the 360° critique.  Immediately, I noticed was how comfortable the material was. Nothing makes my skin crawl more than cheapo-depot scrubs that make me feel like I’m wearing a cardboard box.

It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror that I realized how fashionable they are.  Typically, comfy clothes are merely just that, comfy but slumpy, and tending to conceal any hint of curvature that exists.  Its cringe-worthy to come across a pair of scrubs with a crotch-line sagging down to the knees. But Dansko has defeated the curse of the comfy with their light, ladylike scrubs.

                    sprint blackstride pants black

The True Test

After I got through the initial oohing and awing, it was time to put my new workwear to the true test: an 8-hour workday.  Would I look and feel as cool while wearing them at work in full gear?
The answer was Yes.

Being sweaty sure ain’t pretty, but its one of the more G-rated realities of nursing.  Shifts without bullets of sweat pouring down my forehead and pooling in my pits are few & far between. Thus, scrubs that tackle problematic perspiration are definitely something to talk about.  Kiss those pit stains goodbye. 



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