“Nursing is an art:
and if it is to be made an art,
It requires an exclusive devotion
as hard a preparation,
as any painter’s or sculptor’s work;
for what is the having to do with
dead canvas or dead marble,
compared with having to do
with the living body,
the temple of God’s spirit?
It is one of the Fine Arts:
I had almost said,
the finest of Fine Arts.”
– Florence Nightingale

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Note: A reader emailed a request I write about bringing beauty and creativity to nursing practice. Here goes…

Finding beauty and creativity in our daily lives is vital for happiness. Art is a path along which the breadcrumbs leading us to both are found. This statement seems pretentious in a society cutting the study of art (music, dance, literature, painting, and drawing) from its educational system, regarding it no more necessary than so much fat sucked away through liposuction. Access to art is also eroding: on a recent trip, my husband and I paid $15 each for admittance to an art museum. Without funding, art, like health care, may soon be accessible to a decreasing number of people.

Art is essential in bringing beauty and creativity to nursing practice because it provides the humanitarian tools needed to find self-worth in a job that is complex, and often overwhelming, with waves…

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