Reactionary Animated Gifs – Facebook is depressing. So? Quit it and try…Twitter?

Anguished Repose


Science has figured out…

Facebook makes people depressed., because your ‘life satisfaction’ takes a nosedive.


Don’t you just love how they relay this information to us…

Pffft, like we didn’t know it already:

[via Scientific American]Scientists Show Facebook Is a Downer ~By Travis Riddlesad woman, woman alone computer

Humans like being around other humans.  We are extraordinarily social animals.  In fact, we are so social, that simply interacting with other people has been shown to be use similar brain areas as those involved with the processing of very basic rewards such as food, suggesting that interacting with people tends to make us feel good.

However, it doesn’t take much reflection to notice that the way people interact with each other has radically changed in recent years.  Much of our contact happens not face-to-face, but rather while staring at screen-based digital representations of each other, with Facebook being the most…

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